Geoffrey Herberg, Chemistry for Hair


I strongly believe that education is the key to our future . Hairdressing is my passion and education is my constant direction. I thoroughly recommend the Queensland Hairdressing Academy as a fantastic platform to educate not only my up and coming stylists but also those keen to excel in the field of hairdressing. With a personalized hands on approach I believe as second to none. My staff certainly enjoy their time at the academy and during the past 10 years that I have been sending staff all have attained extremely outstanding results . I have no hesitation in recommending the academy headed up my Fiona and her team, and credit the great results attained through regular communication between the academy and my salon team.

Janine Bush


After 15 years as a Flight Attendant with Ansett, then 5 years as a stay at home mum, I felt I needed a new career change. So at the age of 40 I decided on Hairdressing. I felt it would give me the chance of working flexible hours so that I would be able to easily juggle being a mum and a career women.

Qld Hairdressing Academy appealed to me because of its flexibility towards self paced tuition and hours of attendance. I have been able to defer my studies throughout all the School holidays so that I could be there for my children.

The Educators are of a very high standard with numerous years of personal experience in the Hairdressing industry. I have found each and every one of them unique in their own way and have learned many important tips to help me on my own path to become the best hairdresser that I can possibly be. They are extremely helpful all the way from helping with the classroom studies to the hands on hairdressing that we do in the advanced salon.

Being of mature age I was nervous about how I would feel going back to studying and fitting in with younger students. My nerves were unfounded as I feel like part of one big family here. I have made some wonderful friends here from the ages of 16 to beyond my years. Well done Queensland Hairdressing Academy and all the wonderful staff.

Tracey Ivanovski, Harbour Day Spa and Salon


QLD hairdressing academy has been very instrumental in helping us shape the training for our apprentices; we have found them extremely effective in working with our apprentices to get through their competencies in both theory and practical in a salon environment. Their systems are very easy for the apprentices to learn from, the teachers offer also a variety of advanced techniques that are current and fashion forward.

I have found the staff very caring in the progress of our apprentices making sure they understand their training and are very flexible if there is a need for change or if they need extra tuition or give them advanced training in areas that they excel at. As an employer it is very reassuring to know that our staff are receiving the best possible training and look forward to going to college. Learning should be structured in a fun and friendly yet professional environment. Qld hairdressing academy is all of that and more.

We made a transition from flexible training in our salon to training at the academy in which Fiona and the staff at QLD hair academy made so easy. If any of our staff have a question to ask or need to know about one of our apprentice’s progresses it is never a problem, we receive regular reviews on our apprentices training.