Welcome to the Queensland Hairdressing Academy.

Over the years, the Queensland Hairdressing Academy has established itself as a leader in education in the hairdressing industry. Our reputation has not only been established through the education provided, but because of the ability and skill of our students after completing their course.

You’ll learn in a friendly environment with the latest technology, to cater for current industry needs.

Our years spent training apprentices; trainees and full time students have allowed us to develop a program, which is not only educational, but also FUN!

We are absolutely committed to practical based delivery; a “hands on” approach with a lot of exposure to clients, to meet the requirements of the hairdressing industry and employers.

Apprenticeship training

Part-time courses

12 month full time course

Introductory course

Total flexibility in designing courses

Country block attendance

School based apprenticeships

Recognised institute for international students

Age is no barrier

Refresher courses

Great qualifications

Up to date skills

Internationally trained

Really relate to students needs

Fashionable “today” people

Constantly updating skills

Ongoing involvement from industry leaders

Pay as you learn

Pay upfront and benefit from the discount available.

Learn part-time