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What are my options?


Work in your current job while you study at the QHA

Fast Track Program

Don’t have a 9-5 job? Learn faster by studying full time

School Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Want to start early? Start an apprenticeship/traineeship while you’re still at shcool.

High School Vocational Education Training (VET)

Start your career when you’re ready and have the option to complete high school first.


This is a system in vocational education, which allows you to work at your own pace. It also rewards you for skills and knowledge you already have by allowing you to progress more quickly.

In the past, all students performed tasks the same number of times; now you perform tasks until you are competent, not until everyone is competent. I’m sure you’ll agree this is an excellent system!


The Queensland Hairdressing Academy has a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy, to ensure that an individual’s prior learning, achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experiences, is appropriately recognised. This recognition may assist students to progress faster through a unit of competency, or allow the student full credit.


The Queensland Hairdressing Academy complies with the Australian Quality Training Framework standards for recognition of AQF qualifications issued by other providers and Credit Transfer. The Academy will recognise Statement of Attainment’s or Qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations as outlined in the Australian Quality Training Framework. If you wish to apply for credit transfer, speak with the Director of Education or your Instructor and they will assist you to complete the form. You will need proof of competency by providing a copy of your previous Statement of Attainment/Results.


Queensland Hairdressing Academy adopts a range of learning strategies in both theory and practical sessions that are customised to student needs. Queensland Hairdressing Academy achieves this by giving students guidance, mentoring and coaching as well as assistance to train in a workplace environment.

Queensland Hairdressing Academy caters for differences in learning styles by using a variety of delivery and assessment methods such as demonstration, role play, observation, problem solving, self paced learning and self assessment.





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