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2009 Audit Outcomes

Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) /
User Choice
Audit Details

Audit date 16 and 17 June 2009

Qualifications Audited:

•    WRH30100 Certificate III in Hairdressing (Ladies)
•    WRH30106 Certificate III in Hairdressing
•    39185QLD Certificate II in Men’s Hairdressing


Audit non compliance identified: Yes (minor)

Summary of non compliances:

• Whilst the organisation demonstrated a commitment to improving its assessment processes including continuous updating of assessment tools, evidence demonstrated that improvements made since the previous integrated AQTF/User Choice have not been thoroughly implemented across all units within 39185QLD Certificate III in Men’s Hairdressing
• Insufficient information is provided to learners regarding fees and partial exemptions. The organisation provided evidence of a ‘Apprentice Handbook’ that does not contain information regarding:
• Student contribution fees
• The partial exemption fee
• The organisation provided evidence of a statement of attainment that included results indicating the assessment process by which each unit was achieved. For example RPL
• Retained sufficient evidence to support Outcome Identifier 20-competency achieved
• Retained sufficient evidence to support Outcome Identifier Code 40 – withdrawn, but the student has participated in some learning activity prior to withdrawing

• The organisation provided evidence of amended student information that addresses the non-compliance in relation to student contribution fees
• The organisation provided evidence of an amended statement of attainment that addresses non-compliances identified above. No further evidence is required regarding issuance of statements of attainment.
• The organisation provided evidence to support that the student completed the required assessments (identifier code 20)
• The organisation provided evidence of an attendance sheet to support that the student participated in training prior to withdrawing from this qualification (identifier code 40)

Minor non compliances rectified: Yes

“This submission indicates that Jon Le Court Pty Ltd, trading as, The Queensland Hairdressing Academy has rectified identified non-compliances and is committed to compliance with the 2009/2010 User Choice contract and the AQTF”
(David Garner, Manager Audit Services, Department of Education and Training)

Explanatory notes:
Non-compliances are categorised as minor, significant or critical.
Minor: No, or minor, adverse impact on learners with no serious breakdown of provision of quality training and assessment
Significant: Significant, adverse impact on learners with insufficient focus on quality training and assessment outcomes.
Critical: Critical adverse impact on learners with widespread or persistent dissatisfaction with services and outcomes





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