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Why choose QHA?


The Queensland Hairdressing Academy has a leading reputation within the hairdressing industry for providing training to the highest standard. At the Queensland Hairdressing Academy we have coupled this proven reputation with progressive teaching strategies to deliver the finest hairdressing education.


The hairdressing industry has been identified as an industry experiencing a large skill shortage. It is for this reason that we welcome students with a genuine desire to be trained in hairdressing.  Our focus at the Academy is to provide education, which equips students with the skills and attitudes to be a productive member of a progressive team. The Academy has developed a great reputation; employers are contacting us with job availability before approaching traditional employment agencies.


Last years enrolments reached in excess of 400 students. This certainly is the best endorsement a Training Provider could hope for – a fantastic response to the quality training and innovative programming at the Academy.

How does QHA benefit your apprentice and your Salon?

  • Flexible attendance - you choose the times and can change when needed
  • Salon Based Training - we bring the teacher to your salon
  • We tailor the training to your Salon needs and skills
  • Regular reporting and consultation with you and your apprentice
  • Flexible, skilled and experienced trainers.

Fun Education

“Fashion focused hairdressing is fun”

  • Everything we do is based on the latest fashion
  • Lots of practical “hands on”
  • Theory is made fun and practical
  • Exposure to real models from Day One
  • Use the best products available
  • Get involved in workshops
  • Great guest artists
  • Learn stage work
  • Located in trendy Stones Corner.





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